Hi Folks: (3/19/2015)
I guess you see the change! My page was wiped out when Yahoo couldn't get their web money because my card was shut down because of Home Depot! Thanks! Not JUST shut down, but every picture gone, most of the folders, just a skeleton of the original homepage, but, eh, it was old anyway.

Talk about old, the old G5 Mac I have has been having issues, I suppose with the power supply. Noise maybe, filter caps, whatever. That box cost me $3,000 when it was new! That was a dual G5. I just 'won' a G5 quad! ($350). It's a dual-dual G5 processor, water cooled, Looks identical. But, the power cord is a 12A version of an IEC. They call it IEC C19 or something like that. The pins go sideways on the computer end. It doesn't power the monitor like the dual does. This video card has two DVI-I outputs. It came with no system, which I didn't mind, because I have system discs. It wouldn't boot with my dual version grey-disc, though.. Well, it booted, but it would get to a point, and it would crash with a small grey box in the middle of the screen. That is a OSX 10.2.6 system I think. Over the years, I've played with Yellow Dog Linux, but then upgraded to 10.5. That's a retail disc, not an authentic G5 quad grey disc, but it booted and works great! I'm going to put a solid state drive in it, and more 'right' memory in, as it had lots of different types of RAM in it when I got it. That's a nono on any MAC I think. So, I'm waiting on those items from ebay. Feels a bit strange playing with computer building again. This one is like an old muscle car. But, neither the iPhone6+ or the old iPod (2003) work reliable on this PC, so I have to resurrect a 'beast'! In fact, it looks like not a USB port on this PC is that reliable. It's a PC (toy).

Update: The Solid State drive arrived, installed, working great! Ram, installed, working great.. With the Mac, I had to use Disk Utility and the Free Space button to delete the DOS partition that was on it.. Until I did that, it wouldn't let me use it as a boot drive. Waiting for those 4 dome-head screws that go on the sides of the hard drive that allow the drive to slide in those rails. 4 screws, with shipping, almost nine bucks!